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'If I go into the place in myself that is love and you go into the place of yourself that is love,
we are together in love. Truly in love, the state of being love.' Oneness ~ Ram Das (Be love now)

Soul inviting massage


Do you long for gentleness, relaxation, more aliveness, a deep connection with yourself and others, and feeling creative and free?  

You are very welcome for a session, where we combine body-oriented coaching, holistic massage, bodywork & nurturing touch. This session will help you to feel more accepting, trusting, open and free, and remove from fears, stress and tension.

Price: € 110 per session of 1,5 hour (approx. 1 hour on the table), or € 120 per session of 2 hours.

Address: Cornelis Anthoniszstraat 46, Amsterdam.                       
                                                                                                           Book here!

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Training & coaching


Wanna live more fully, move more freely, connect more deeply?

I provide workshops and trainings in personal development, leaderships, authentic relating, connecting to yourself, others and the world. 

By raising awareness and experimenting with new behavior and possibilities.

I bring my own personal and professional experience. I am now working as a facilitator and teacher for more than ten years. I started in 2006, during my study Social Psychology, and a master in Training & coaching (Social Skills Lab, University of Amsterdam). Since then I attended multiple courses, like mindfulness, constellation work, Theory U, Transactional Analysis, Emotional Skills Training, Generative leadership, ReBalancing. And foremost I bring my my being, presence, sensitivity, empathy and analytical skills. 


I love working together, with:

* School voor Vrouwelijk Leiderschap: Woman circles, training, therapy and touch. 

* FC de Krachtpatsers: Workshops in high schools for more safety, connection, empowerment of pupils and their system, teachers and parents. 

* Interim Valley: Live Your Potential coach for young professionals.

* Nationaal Watertraineeship: Training, coaching & development for trainees in water, soil, energy & climate change.

* Meisjes van het compliment: Spreading compliments, love, appreciation & attention, in companies, at parties and events.  

* Challenge day Nederland: Cross the line, Be the change & Living the change workshops. 

* 7 days retreat: A journey to your heart, in the South of Spain, October 2018.  

* YOU?


Laughter yoga


Feel like laughing for no reason? For the fun and health sake of it? People who laugh together, work better together. 'Relaxing', 'It opened my creativity', 'I feel grateful, happy, open and so much aliveness in my body', 'Your being is such a great invitation'.

You can book here a laughter yoga session. At the start of a team meeting, event, bachelor party or wedding. For inner strength, connection and playfulness.  


Or visit Laughter Club Amsterdam, which I co-founded with Maarten Vos, in 2006. After being educated in 2000 by Indian Doctor Madan Kataria, by following my joy and curiosity about this phenomenon at the age of 20. 

'During the laugh yoga the team has opened up and invested all smiles and energy into completing this no-ordinary exercise together. I saw my colleagues honest and open, joyful and vibrant - not as we typically experience each other at work. The laugh therapy has melted ice bridges that we might have had between us and everybody loved the impact this activity had on the team’ ~ Tanya Docheva, Marketing Specialist JLG EMEA BV


About me


Love, light and simplicity. Freedom, connection and truth. My purpose is to discover and live the essence of life. I follow my heart and inspire others to do the same. I'm in a transition from surviving to living, moving from human doing to human being. Life gave me a big portion of experience to process, like many of us, and my path is to return to love everytime, again and again. What I learn, I share. My favorite things are growing, travelling and being with friends. I recharge, rebalance and vitalize from wandering through nature, silence, me-time, cooking (vegan), singing, dancing, laughing and real connections. The Caribean (sea) gave me bliss and magic as a child with my family, and still does. People call me open, caring, warm and curious. I would say I am sensitive and versatile. I do best by balancing between my comfort zone and stretching, going on adventure. You are welcome with all your questions. 

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'I really like our sessions. They bring me a deep peace like i can come home to myself, a warmth that brings me closer to me. Like a place of shelter to fully relax, and from that place a lot of cool creative energy and insight comes up.'



'Do not hestitate to book a session with Chantal - she is a natural gifted and my go to bodyworker when I need to destress and revitalize my system. Every time I walk out of a sesion with her I am walking on air. Highly recommended' 



'You have such a great care of weighing choices life brings you, for the good of yourselves and others. You touch and being lift up the whole spectrum of love, by wondering, appreciating and empowering all you do in life. So inspiring and powerful how you follow your heart.' 

Director Circling Europe

Leadership coach & entrepeneur

Owner Flirtcompany

Contact Me

Mail:  |  Tel: +31648767249 | Amsterdam

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